Saturday, February 28, 2009

Site Visits and Billy Sunday

Well I’ve been on the road again. Nothing big, just some site visits for my interns. Cathi and I drove to Napoleon Ohio. It is small city on the shores of the Maumee River about 40 minutes from Toledo. The courthouse is beautiful, the street pretty and the drive is fantastic. You drive along the Maumee and remnants of the Erie Canal. However this day there was construction and delays and detours. Still the visit went well, the company was great but the drive was a pain.

Latter in the week I drove to Warsaw Indiana for another site visit. I got to the office early so I drove over to Lake Winona. I had never been there. It is a beautiful little lake full of up-scale and arty shops. The area is known as the Village at Winona.

Well there I stopped at the Billy Sunday Center. Sunday had been a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Stockings! He grew up an orphanage and thought he discovered his gift, baseball. He was an incredible athlete but abruptly left the sport to become an evangelist. Boy did he become an evangelist. Hundreds of millions of people came to hear him preach over the years. He used baseball stories, humor and fear of hell and the evils of alcohol to keep his audiences attention. He moved his headquarters to Lake Winona and for years the most famous preachers of the day spent their summers there.

Steal from the Devil: The Story of Billy Sunday

This was an incredible little detour. And the site visit? It went great, we have exceptional students!

Open Air Meeting by Billy Sunday

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