Friday, November 6, 2009

Stefano Mainetti and the Vatican Alma Mater

The last week of November, just in time for Christmas shopping, an unusual collection of music will hit the record stores. The Vatican Alma Mater will be a collection of traditional, Gregorian chants, North African rhythms, modern music and orchestral and choral accompaniment. Accompanying who? Pope Benedict XVI!

The composers will include Brit Simon Boswell, Moroccan world-music composer Nour Eddine and Italian composer Stefano Mainetti. I am excited about all three choices. Today I want to focus on Mainetti.

Silent Trigger - The Algonquin Goodbye

Mainetti is a conductor and composer. He is a classical guitarist. He has won numerous international awards. He studied in Italy and the U.S. His training, exposure to different cultures and professional experiences make him a perfect selection for this unique collection of music.

Stefano Mainetti - Elvio Monti

Stefano has written music for television. He has won awards for soundtrack for documentaries. However, he has also composed music for popular films as well. Many in the U.S. are familiar with the soundtrack for the popular movie Tale of the Mummy. He has composed music for 27 films and 64 documentaries.

Stefano, alone among the three conductors, is a Catholic. He, like his partners, is respectful of other musical traditions. He was also humbled to be chosen for this unusual project. He saw his goal as choosing the right music to match and highlight the wishes of the Holy Father. The Pope wanted a composition that ignored racial and national boundaries. Stefano accomplished this by choosing music that was multi ethnic.

Orgoglio - Il sapore della terra – OST

I can not wait to have my hands on this C.D. This is music for prayer, to meditate to, to have playing in the background while reading, to relax to. This is world music made to help the listener connect to his or her brothers and sisters around the world and throughout time.

Vatican Alma Mater

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