Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Six: Emmaus Ministries Mission Trip

This was our long day and I mean long. We get up early for Mass. Then we have our morning prayers. Then we started cooking for lunch and dinner. The lunch was lasagna and the dinner was turkey with all the fixins. While that was going on three of us drove to Elmwood Park to pick up a donated freezer. One worked on plumbing. Others worked on various chores.

The place was packed with guys. It was loud and felt like being it your grandparents for Thanksgiving.

There were games, conversations and lots and lots of laughter. There were also some serious conversations going on. It was a long day, an exhausting day but a great day. The Kaio folks were happy to have time just to interact with the guys while we cooked and interacted with the guys. Besides card games the Kaio art interns were doing portraits of the guys.

We were tired after our long day. Still, we had our worship and reflection. Some of us then walked to the lake. We stood on a pier and looked at the skyline of downtown Chicago and we talked about the city. We then went to a neat coffee house, Dollops and enjoyed one another company. It was yet another good day.

dollop & ice paw from philcoextra on Vimeo.

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