Monday, November 1, 2010

Alternatives' Public Bricolage Murals

When I toured Alternatives for Youth and Family I was surprised and impressed by their art programs. I was particularly attracted to their bricolage program. This required planning and a team approach. I was told that I really had to go see their murals in the underpasses of Bryn Mawr and Foster Avenues. So one afternoon I walked to both. I was not disappointed!

Bryn Mawr Underpass Mural

Bryn Mawr Underpass Near the Lake

I loved how detailed the mural was. I loved how it incorporated the materials and themes of the lake. So I made a decision to walk along the lake on my way to the foster Avenue Mural. That was a good choice.

Lake Michigan in Mid-October

Finally I arrived at the Foster Avenue underpass murals. They were wonderful. Not only did I like the murals, I really appreciated their themes. They highlighted the Native American History of the area. I could not help thinking about the American Indian Center and the ANAWIM Center.

Foster Avenue Underpass Mural

Foster Avenue Underpass Mural II

Foster Avenue Underpass Mural III

So, between the Hip Hop Art program, the graffiti art, the Circus program and the bricolage that has gone public I have to admit I am in awe of Alternatives. Just in case your wondering, yes, they would be interested I art and art therapy interns!

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