Friday, July 6, 2007

Protecting Forests

Kimberly-Clark & Kleenex Are Wiping Away Ancient Forests

Kleenex, one of the most well known brands of tissue products in the world, is destroying the ancient forests of North America. Its manufacturer, Kimberly-Clark, the largest tissue product company in the world, continues to destroy ancient forests to manufacture products that are used once and then thrown away or flushed down the toilet.

One of the ancient forests Kimberly-Clark is destroying to produce its tissue products is the North American Boreal forest. The Boreal forest stretches from Alaska in the west to the eastern provinces of Canada and is the largest tract of ancient forest left in North America. Representing 25 per cent of the world's remaining ancient forests, the Boreal forest is a globally significant forest. To Kimberly-Clark however, it's disposable.


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