Friday, November 20, 2015

A Day of Travel

After the Parliament: The Work Continues...

Well I am finally connecting with all of you after the Parliament of the World

s Religions. the Parliament was wonderful and I will catch up. However, this week I need to stay involved with local events. Tonight I attended a vigil for all of the lives lost and inured in Lebanon, Paris, the skies of Egypt, Nigeria, Turkey and Mali. Tomorrow I attend a vigil for Syrian refugees and then Sunday I attend a Mass for all of the mentioned groups. There is much work to be done locally, with the ambassadors and globally. So, the blog/vlog will continue.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Franciscan Weekend in the Fort

With only 11 days until the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions it seems appropriate that I am immersed in a Franciscan weekend. In the year leading up to the Parliament I have attended mosques, Gurdwaras, Buddhist Temples, Hindu shrines, and Christian churches. I have participated in interfaith celebrations as well as interfaith vigils marking tragedies. I have presented, planned, and hosted events. So it seems right that with less than two weeks before the Parliament I go back to my roots. I attended a conference on Pope Francis' theology and ecology based on the example of Francis of Assisi. I participated in a Transitus service. I went to a mass marking the Feast of Saint Francis and finally I went to a reception celebrating 125 years of service by the Sisters of Saint Francis of perpetual Adoration. I look forward to celebrating the diversity of faith at the parliament and I will do that grounded in my Catholic-Franciscan tradition. I am ready for Salt lake city and the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions.  

A Franciscan Weekend in the Fort

With only 11 days until the 2015 parliament of the World's Religions it seems appropriate that I end a year of preparation immersed in Franciscan events. in preparing for the parliament and in working to get the word out I have attended events in Sikh, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian Houses of Worship. I have attended interfaith celebrations and interfaith vigils marking tragedies. it seemed very appropriate that this weekend I attend a conference on the faith and ecology of a pope influenced by the example of St. Francis. I also attend a Transitus service, a Mass  in observation of the Feast of St. Francis and a reception. I feel fortified in my Catholic-Franciscan values as I prepare to go to Salt lake City to meet and celebrate fait with others from so many traditions. It is almost time!