Sunday, May 20, 2007

Today was a day of paths and journeys. Two of my graduate students were at commencement two weeks ago. Today their lives could not be more different.

One left for Central America the day after graduation to bring home her new adopted son. This was a process that was planned, prayed over and a plan that included multiple visits. Today the family celebrated their new son’s baptism.

These new parents are people who make a difference. They are not simply “consumers of religious services”. They are leaders in their church communities and dedicated to their professions.

Today another graduate participated in the Fort Wayne Police Department and Allen County Sheriff’s Department joint hostage negotiation exercise. The exercise consisted of three distinct scenarios occurring at the same time. I played the role of a security officer injured and awaiting rescue. My student played one of the hostage takers.

Like the couple who celebrated their international adoption, this was also the result of planning. The student had first participated in Police Academy role-plays while an undergraduate student. He then completed a graduate level directed study on Law Enforcement Interviewing. He was recently accepted into the Police Academy. Today he made one more contribution.

Different as their lives are these two students have one thing in common. They are both consistently committed to making a contribution to their communities. I would like to say I molded them into these altruistic citizens but that would not be accurate. They came to our school wanting to contribute and we were privileged to teach them while they developed the skills to better do what they were already doing. They are the kind of students that keep teachers coming back to teach!

Peace and all good,


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