Friday, October 19, 2007

In Memory: Lucky Dube: Reggae Superstar

Lucky Dube was born on 3rd August, 1964, in Transvaal, South Africa. At the age of 9 he became a library assistant. This job changed his life. He learned about his country's history and about the world. He read about reggae, then very limited in apartheid South Africa.

In 1979 he launched his singing career. In 1985 Lucky and his partner went into the studio and recorded Rastas Never Die - the first ever reggae album to be recorded in South Africa.

In 1989 Lucky toured France and became an international star. That year his latest album at that time hit double platinum in five days. His music reflected the politics and issues of the day, for South Africa, for people of color around the world, for people.

In 1991 he launched a world tour that included the U.S., Jamaica, Japan, and Australia.

He associated himself with social justice causes. He was instrumental in promoting fellow African artists. He sold more and more albums, won more awards, had more firsts.

Last night Lucky Dube was killed by a random act of violence, an attempted car jacking. One man, because he was exposed to books, because he was inquisitive and gifted with talent changed his part of the world. And now he is gone.

Thank you for having given us the gift of Lucky Dube.


Steve said...

Lucky dube 's death is an indelible shock to our entire black race and to the rest of the world. May God have mercy on the Perpetrators that caused his death.

Unknown said...

His death is a loss for us all. He was immensely gifted and it will be a long time before some one with his unique constellation of gifts graces us again.

Bea said...

To lose such a person is blight on all of humanity because in these desperate times, we certainly need more people like him. I wonder if we can all do something today and every day to work toward peace, love and healing for our world. Thank you for giving us this reminder that even a small child can make their mark on a world out of control.