Friday, December 7, 2007

Don, Appliance Shopping and the Dead Sea Scrolls!

So today Cathi and I had to go shopping for a new stove. It just seemed like one of those jobs that had to be done, it was important to normal functioning but not at all interesting. I did like the company. Cathi and I went out to eat first and that was fun. Then on to the drudgery, appliance shopping. Well, I could not have been more wrong.

Our salesman, Don, was a friendly, easy going guy. He looked to be about my age. We talked and I made my purchase. Cathi went to do more shopping while I worked on the paperwork.

Don than asked about my name and we started talking about Scandinavia (the other Holy land!). Turns out Don lived in Sweden for a half a year. He attended a nondenominational Bible College. I am guessing he went to Holsby Brunn. He also visited Aaland Islands. These are islands that are populated by Swedes but in 1809 Russia made Sweden turn over the islands to Finland. After changes in the Russian Empire and the Duchy of Finland the islands, which wanted to return to Sweden became autonomous. I just sat there thinking, “I didn’t know that.”

So Don and I talked about faith and Scandinavia, two great topics of conversation. On a return trip to the islands Don met an aerial photographer and got a private plane trip around the island. Happened years ago and Don was still smiling. You could tell he was picturing the scenery as he recalled his adventure.

As I walked up to the service desk he told me that at the end of the six months of study he then took a tour of Israel. I asked him if he got to the Dead Sea, he had. Two days ago I did a class presentation on the Dead Sea Scrolls, I had so many questions!

Yep, he had been to Qumran. He had been to the Shrine of the Book which held the Dead Sea Scrolls. He had been to Masada. The night before going to Masada he spent the night at a Bedouin oasis.

Don and his wife had lead Bible Studies in Mishawaka. He recalled by names the professors and graduate and doctorate students from the University of Notre Dame who attended his study groups. Many of his students were from China, India and Africa.

Don was a fascinating guy. I think I will have to get to know him. This was the best appliance shopping I have ever experienced!

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