Thursday, October 30, 2008

The New Indian Martyrs

Months ago I began writing about the plight of Christians in India. Sadly the situation has only gotten worse. The extremist Hindu attacks on Indian Christians have now continued almost unabated for the past three months. The reaction of the government has been tepid at best.

The targets of the violence are not foreigners but rather the citizens of India. This is especially sad since India has taken such pride in being a multi-cultural and multi-religious nation. The attacks have been at times brutal including destruction of property, assaults, rape, attack of religious and even murder.

Since October 22 there has been 60 people killed, over 18,000 people injured and over 4000 homes destroyed. This does not include the large number of people who are missing. The violence has spread to a number of states.

What is not clear is why people around the world are not crying out for the violence to end. Christians in India and Iraq are in a perilous position. Ancient cultures are facing extinction. Partners International has described the situation in India as no less than religious genocide. The Pope has called for religious leaders to come to the aid of the Christians in India and Iraq. We must pray for peace and we must demand that our leaders speak out in defense of our brothers and sisters in India. We must also remember that this violence is the work of Hindu extremist groups and does not reflect the behavior of Hindus or Indian in general.

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