Thursday, December 31, 2009

Student Franciscan Pilgrimage

During the next two weeks three students from the University of Saint Francis Fort Wayne will be joining students from other AFCU schools (Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities) in a pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi, Greccio and Mount La Verna. The students have different backgrounds educationally and denominationally. However, they are united in wanting to have a closer relationship with the early church and with Francis and Clare. I started this blog one year after my pilgrimage. I used the occasion to support the faculty/staff pilgrimage of May 2007 by remembering my pilgrimage. It was a way of feeling connected.

Well, this pilgrimage is also important to me. I feel connected to our peer ministers in Campus Ministry. I am always excited when another person grows in their understanding and appreciation of the lives of Francis, Clare and the early Franciscan. Besides, my daughter is one of the pilgrims.

So, in a way to feel connected, in memory and prayer I will discuss their agendas and what they may be experiencing. I will not be living vicariously through their experiences because their pilgrimage is not my pilgrimage. They started in Rome, we started in Assisi. We traveled in the hot green month of May. They are there to mark the New Year. They will see sites I never went to. However, we will be united in experiencing the impact of one man who answered a call and decided to do the difficult thing, to live a Gospel life. I know these students will have a life changing experience.

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