Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chicago in the Snow

Well, the first big winter storm has hit and it is not officially winter yet. It rained ye3sterday, froze last night and it began to snow. Today the snow continues to fall and the wind is picking up. However, it is not the first snowfall of the season. That occurred last week and it was beautiful.

First Snowfall in Chicago

So I took my trusty video cam and walked over to Montrose Harbor. There was activity everywhere I looked. Families were sliding down the hill at Wilson Avenue. The Fire Department’s SCUBA team was performing drills in the harbor. There had just been a foot race and park officials were putting up tape to mark the trails for a bike race the following day. All of this was happening as the heavy, wet rain continued to fall.

Snow, Montrose Park and Football

One of the activities was a Chicago land-wide touch football championship. The snow began to fall more as the players continued to struggle to become this years champions. They told me that it seems to snow every year for the championship tournament.

Snow and Still More Football

I walked to the lake and could not see where the horizon ended and the lake began. The sky was heavy with grayness and new snow. When I finally found the waves rolling to the shore I noticed over 25 dogs playing on the snow-covered beaches. They all looked happy.

Snow Near Lake Shore Drive

As I walked home the snow became heavier and wetter. It was great packing and children were making snowmen and snowballs. It was a winter wonderland. So, I am enjoying today’s winter storm but it certainly is not the first!

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