Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marching for Peace

As Christians and as Franciscans we are called upon to be peacemakers. We are called upon to "speak truth to power", to stand up for those who can not defend themselves.

Well, read the news. In Burma or Myanmar thousands of Buddhist Monks have been marching in peaceful protest against the military government. This is not an easy thing to do, this is not without personal danger. And yet, day after day, throughout the nation, the monks in their saffron robes march, knowing full well what they may face and yet firm in their faith and dedication to the nation.

The story of Francis and the Wolf of Gubbio calls on us to get our hands dirty, to actually work for peace. It is not enough to talk about it, to pray about it, we must work for it.

So, where are our clergy, why are they not marching to stop a war that was unnecessary, poorly planned and whose mission changes multiple times? Where are the laity?

Last Friday the JUST Peace group meet for a candle light vigil at the University of Saint Francis. Like pebbles on a pond the ripples continue. Barb O’Connor received messages of thanks and support from Jerusalem, Iraq and locally. People hunger for peace and leadership.

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