Sunday, September 30, 2007

Winning Streak Comes to an End

Well, it finally happened. The University of Saint Francis Cougar football team finally lost a regular season game. Nationally ranked number 2 USF lost to nationally ranked number 6 Ohio Dominican 30-20.

That is the end of a streak, a glorious, and hard to believe winning streak or rather streaks. The last time our team lost a regular season game was the ninth game of the season in 2001. 2001, not a typo!

Before yesterday the Cougars had:

54 regular season wins
33 MSFA Mideast division wins
32 regular-season road wins

Last years graduating seniors had gone through their entire college career without losing a regular season game!

So, next week is homecoming. We will kick butt and maybe, just maybe this loss will be the wake up call that finally leads to a National Championship in December. We will see.

Go Cougs!!!

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