Monday, January 28, 2008

Is the Election Over Yet?

Well, the Florida Primary is almost here. Super Tuesday is almost here. I love politics, I love democracy. I do not like this system of electing a president.

I do not like a system of campaigning that involves at least two years of a candidate’s life. I can not believe all of the financial resources, the human resources and time spent that could be used for something important.

Don’t get me wrong, picking a president and picking them intelligently is important. That is not what this is about. This is about selling a candidate. This is about selling candidates who change their position to match the electorate and then call that being a leader. This is about candidates who apologize for past discrepancies between their record and their current position. Worse they apologize for any past discrepancies in their record and the party line. What about integrity, values, and standing up for what you believe?

Never mind that the majority of Americans are moderates. Most Americans want a strong defense, they want limited government but they also want services from that government. Never mind. Once the candidates run for president they run for the extremes. Moderates are viewed as “liberal” or “conservative”. It never occurs to these folks that neither word is a bad word.

So, there is not enough money for education or health care. There are not enough resources to do something to stop the genocide in Darfur. There are not enough resources to improve the infrastructure of America. But there is enough money for 24 months of campaigning. There are enough soap boxes to talk about what is really important, namely them.

The world is in a mess. Our country has challenges from all fronts. It is important that we know as much as possible about our candidates. That does not take two years. European nations can pull off an election in six weeks.

So, I will watch and listen. I will decide and decide and decide again between now and the conventions and between the conventions and November. Just please, please, please, let them all take a day off of campaigning.


Steve said...

The election is yet to be held but it seems to have started with the zeal and activities of the race for white house. Who could be the winner in future main election? the answer will surely come at the right time

Unknown said...

You have the right attitude! It is important and even though are candidates argue there is no violence. We lost two candidates today. I will miss John Edwards. I just wish it was not such a long and expensive process.