Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow, Fort Wayne and a Good Dog, Yes!!!

Good News, Bad News, Good News.

Good News: I was walking my dog Reese in Foster Park early yesterday morning. The Good News is that it had snowed. The sky was clear and deep blue and the moon, three fourths full, was shinning as if it’s only purpose was to make me smile.

Reese is a great dog that follows secret trails. She sniffs out the rabbits, ground hogs, raccoons, possums and red fox. She follows their trail by scent. I am always amazed to see her catch a trail and then follow this invisible trail as it loops around, loops back, goes here and there. Well today there was snow on the ground and there were tracks. I could finally see the trail she was following.

The Bad News: it was -5 degrees, a little cold for a before breakfast walk. However, that also meant the St. Mary’s River was frozen. The sheets of ice that had moved were now frozen in place. Ice was jutting around, sheets of ice (river) were on top of other sheets of ice and it was all covered with snow. Reese and I looked down at the river, it was a beautiful sight.

Reese is not just a trail dog, she is (or rather was when she was younger and had better sight) a looking dog. She would stop, sit and watch birds in trees, she would watch airplanes and helicopters. So, looking at the river was natural.

I was also a “looker”. I was looking at the trees. It is January and they are all bare, naked to the limbs. During gray overcast days this just adds to the sense of depression. However, not today. Today the black silhouetted trees against the deep blue sky looked like something from an art gallery.

Good News, Bad news and, oh yeah, the second Good News. Last night Reese demanded a late night walk. I got my coat on opened the door and it was snowing. This was a beautiful snow. The kind of snow that looks like a combination of Ivory Soap flakes and crystal. It was thick, every step we made left large prints. Reese did what she always does in the snow, she rolled over and made “snow bears”. We walked, ran, discovered and played. So the last Good News? It is always Good News to have a dog when it is snowing.

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