Monday, July 7, 2008

Historic Fort Wayne

I tend to write about serious stuff, some stuff is just plain ole depressing. But that is not how I approach life. There is just too much goodness in creation to ignore, besides, who would want to?

Our small city is just an example of a place generous in things to do, see and appreciate.

You all know I walk my dog multiple times a day. My preference is next to one of our three rivers. My dog’s favorite walk is at Headwaters Park, especially by the Historic Old Fort.

Well, this has been a great spring and summer to walk by the Fort. In May there was a school day in which "soldiers" demonstrated life in Fort Wayne during the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The uniforms and actors were great.

On one side of you is the fort, next to you the river. Across the river is the park which is full of trees, fountains, statues and pavilions. Beyond the park is downtown. It is a wonderful setting.

In the coming weeks we will be celebrating Three Rivers Festival. The fort will be open and reenacting the War of 1812 and the Civil War. It is wonderful to walk around the park and realize this is the site of the Miami Nation, five different forts, growing industry, professional baseball, a shanty town during the Great Depression and the Great Flood that occasioned President Reagan’s visit to our city.

So yep, there is a lot of depressing stuff in the world and it cannot be ignored. But to deal with anything you have to refuel yourself. The Desert Fathers had, well, desert spirituality. The early Franciscans had mountain spirituality. Me, I guess I have river spirituality and I love it.

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