Monday, July 7, 2008

Peace-making: Save Iraqi Christians and CSI

Persecution of Iraqi Christians

After writing about the plight of Christians in Iraq I received an e-mail from Save Iraqi Christians. This is a compelling site. It describes the situation in Iraq but also identifies supporters of the Iraqi Christian community around the world. These are supporters of many faiths. Faced with a situation that is heartbreaking and should be of interest to all people of faith the site offers hope. If you believe that “with God all things are possible” and you have faith like a mustard seed, then the site gives you the “what”. The “what” is what to do besides feeling depressed. The “what” is what the world can do, the nation can do, what you and I can do to save this historically important community, a member of our Christian family, from imminent extinction.

So, please take time to visit the site, explore it and then if you feel so moved, at the very least sign the petition.

The site also introduced me to CSI (no, not the television show!). CSI or Christian Solidarity International is a Christian human rights organization for religious liberty helping victims of religious repression, victimized children and victims of disaster. The organization was founded in 1977 in Switzerland. According to the site, CSI's primary objective is worldwide respect for the God-given right of every human being to choose his or her faith and to practice it, as stipulated in Art. 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The organization offers Christians ample opportunities to help our brothers and sisters in need. Petitions addressing Sudanese Slavery and then support for newly freed slaves may be found on the site. Egyptian persecution of Christians and of course the plight of Iraqi Christians may also be found by visiting their website.

So, if you are looking for tangible, concrete ways to support our modern martyrs, guidance for addressing our leaders or projects and prayer lists for your local communities to participate in visit Save Iraqi Christians or CSI.

Peace and all good,

The (Ignored) Extermination of Iraqi Christians

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