Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting Ready for Workfest 09

Recently 20/20 did a special on the lives of the poor in Eastern Kentucky. That show was of special interest to me. I love Eastern Kentucky. I love the beautiful towns, the colleges, the farms and especially the people. I also love the hollows and the hills. However, the poverty is powerful and calls out to be addressed. 20/20 did just that.

I know some have been critical of Diane Sawyer, believing she unfairly stereotyped the people of the area. However, she was not talking about all of the people of Appalachia, simply those who need a reason to hope.

Workfest 2008 USF

In a few weeks Christian Appalachian Project will begin Workfest 2009. CAP is one of my all time favorite volunteer social service agencies. I was first in Eastern Kentucky with the American Red Cross. Last year our school participated in Workfest. We will be attending again this year. It will be important for our students to not stereotype folks, to know that Appalachia is full of many peoples and situations. It will be important for them to recognize the enormous pride of the people as well as the needs of many. I know our students can do this.

So, during the beginning week of Lent it is time for us to get ready, to prepare to be servants and students. It is time to prepare to be humble and not arrogant helpers. It is time for us to be brothers and sisters.

I walk my dog everyday by the shores of one of our city’s three rivers. As I prepare for Workfest 2009 it will be time for me to "Go Down to the River to Pray.”

Down in the River to Pray

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