Thursday, July 2, 2009

Emmaus and the Kaio Community

Kaio Community

The Kaio Community was the heart of my experience with Emmaus Ministries. This was where I I lived. The community consists of interns who give up a year of their lives to work with the guys. In return they receive training, a place to stay, a stipend and health insurance. Prior to my arrival one member left the community. While I was there a potential intern was being interviewed. I lived with Brandon from Iowa, Nicole from California and Chris from one of the Carolinas (sorry Chris, I forget which one!)

The apartment itself was nice. The living room was large and comfortable and included a dinning area. The room made you aware immediately that you were in an urban setting. The window looked right down on Wilson Avenue. The sounds of the city were constant.

The kitchen was bright, cheerful and full of activity. The bedrooms each had their own character. I distinctly remember however the sound of our neighbor crying out to God every night well into the early morning.

Down the hall was a utility closet that Chris had turned into a prayer closet. Inside were reading materials, icons and one chair. It was used often.

The apartment was on the third floor. The first floor were the offices for Emmaus and the basement was the Ministry Center.

However, it was the member of Kaio that really touched me. We prayed together daily. Tuesday was Kaio Prayer night. That meant one person cooked for all of us. We ate together. Another person lead us in prayer and another in discussion. Finally, we spent time enjoying one another’s company.

This is where I went to recharge my batteries after long days or nights. This is where I went for good fellowship. This is where I went to remind myself I was finally living in an intentional religious community. I loved it.

So, these are the last of my Emmaus Ministries videos. I will not be writing about Emmaus for a while. If my photos are ever recovered I will post them and talk about the places I visited. Until then it is time to move on.

I spent the spring and summer immersed in faith communities. I spent a week in March in Kentucky with the Christian Appalachian Project. I spent May in Chicago with Emmaus Ministries. I spent nine days in June in Minnesota with Collegium. Now it is time to consolidate, integrate and apply. It is also time to go back to what I normally blog about. That includes the Church in Asia, Africa and South America, life in Fort Wayne and northeast Indiana, family and peace and environmental issues.

The spring and summer of 2009 has been an extraordinary time in my life. Now it is time to live the life of a husband, father, teacher, congregational member and Hoosier. That sounds pretty good to me!

Nicole and Chris Baking Cookies at Kaio

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