Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Volunteers at Emmaus Ministries

Piano Man, notice the sound of lively conversation in the background

The Ministry Center is not just the meeting place for our guys. It attracts dedicated volunteers. They come from local universities and seminaries. They come from churches. Often they are just Christian and curious about the services we offer. However, it is not unusual to have volunteers stay on for years simply because they fall in love with a place that practices unconditional love.

One of the Saturday nights I was working the Ministry Center we had volunteers from the Laborers for Christ Church. I had never heard of them before. They come once a month and provide meals and fellowship for our guys. They were truly an inspiration.

The church is a small church on the Southside of the city. They got involved in Emmaus and working with exploited guys and then they caught on fire! This little church became an expert on working with the sexually wounded. They have provided ministries and worships in South Africa and surrounding countries, in Turkey and Greece.

The church member in the video is a little nervous about being taped. I spent time with her, she knows Turkey is a nation and not a city, she is just nervous. That did not stop her from ministring to people on three continents. It does not stop her from helping our guys. She is a dynamo and a great ambassador of her church.

The young man playing the piano was one of two young men from the church visited Emmaus that night for the first time. His piano playing was well received. As you listen to him listen to the sound of lively conversation in the background. The atmosphere was almost party-like.

These volunteers were truly inspiring. They showed that you don’t have to have a big name or a mega-church congregation to make an impact. You simply need to listen and follow, and they did!

Laborers for Christ Church

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