Friday, June 22, 2007

National Forensic League: June 17, 2007

Welcome to Wichita

National Forensic League: June 17, 2007
Last night my daughter Kerri and I were able to touch base. We talked about Chloe, our dog who died. We talked about Portland. But we really talked about Wichita Kansas.

Kerri has been in speech and debate teams all through high school. She has been a National Qualifier four years in a row. She was a state point leader, at one point this year she was one of the top 25 debaters/speech folks (I don’t know the lingo) in the nation. She has over 1600 points and she has successfully competed in a number of different events.

Her first year she went to Salt Lake City. The next year Philadelphia, then Dallas and now….ta da…Wichita! She has a lot to look forward to. Wichita has the Cowtown Museum and the world’s largest ball of string. It also has her friends from all over the nation.

So this morning I drove her to the airport and saw her off. I don’t know how she’ll do but I don’t care. She is already a huge success, I just want her to have fun.

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