Friday, June 22, 2007

Nationals: The Finale

We are the Champions: Queen

Nationals: The Finale

I could not wait for Kerri to call, she was taking waaaaay too long. So I kept checking with the National Forensic League website. Finally, the postings. Kerri came in 3rd place in the nation. THIRD PLACE, that is bloody marvelous, if I was any prouder I would blow up.

At first I read the posting wrong and thought she came in 2nd place. When I saw my mistake I was relieved. I know, I know, 2 is better than 3, but I don’t think so. People who get Silver Medals or 2nd place spend their lives thinking they could have been number one. Third place folks get it. Of all of the people competing only three people make it to medalist or top ranking and the difference between them is miniscule. For the end of a career ranking I think 3rd place is better. Clearly I am a shrink and a dad not a competitor.

Anyway, she will get a boat load of more points. She got a trophy that went up to her waist. She got a trophy for being a four year National Qualifier and she got a small scholarship for being a four year National Qualifier. Then to her surprise she won a video IPOD that can hold up to 75,000 songs.

Kerri says this has been the best day of her life, I don’t doubt it. My baby is a champion.

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