Friday, June 22, 2007

Nationals: June 20th, 2007

Kerri called. Well, she broke, she is in the National Finals in Story Telling. 93,000 members nation wide, couple thousand in Kansas and she is now one of six finalists.

Her attitude is great. She would love to go all the way and be the National Champion, she is also clear that if she ends up number six she went out with a huge bang.

She is happy, funny and enjoying the company of her friends.

By 5:00 P.M. tomorrow her high school speech/debate career is over. She will have given her final speech, earned her last points and had a lot of great memories. I know she will get at least two trophies and a small scholarship, we will have to wait to see if she earns more. She will be on the National Stage for two awards, one for being one of six folks in the nation who were four year National Qualifiers.

Go Kerri, go Kerri, go Kerri, go…..

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