Saturday, November 10, 2007

100 Wins in Ten Years?

Well, today we play St. Xavier University. They are from the south side of Chicago. My wife has heard my mantra. “They only recruit football players from a 40 mile radius because when your a Catholic college from the south side of Chicago 40 miles is more than enough”. They impress me, they are great. I will be one of the few people at the game today that will be happy no matter who wins. If we when, yeah, that is really what I am hoping for. If they win, well, I’m from Chicago. If we can’t win then better them than anybody else.

Still, today is an exciting game. It is the last game of the regular season. We are ranked number 5 nationally in the NAIA and St. Xavier (also the Cougars) is number 6. We both lost only one game. We both lost to Ohio Dominican this year. We lost to Ohio Dominican 30-20, St. Xavier lost to them 42-41! Home field advantage during the playoff season is at stake for this game.

However, there is something else just to make the game more interesting. Should we win today it will make history, not just NAIA history but all college football history. We will be the first team to win 100 games in 10 years. All under the leadership of coach Kevin Donley. The first year we won 2 games. After that we were at least conference champion every year. The last three years we went to the National Championship. 2001 was the last year we lost more than one game in a season. The loss to Ohio Dominican this year snapped a 54 game winning streak.

However, this one is even more personal. We have played St. Xavier four other times and won each time. However, they are a powerful, excellent team (did I mention they are from CHICAGO!). They were our first win as a team, it would be nice if today they were also our 100th win.

100 wins in 10 years, that would be an accomplish that is staggering. It is also simply impossible to say it without smiling. Go ahead, try it.

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