Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Lonely Lake

Swans on a Lake

Today proved to be a sad day to walk around one of our local lakes. A couple of years ago swans were reintroduced to the lake. Two pair were donated and each pair took over a different side of the lake. They were beautiful. They quietly sailed along the lake chasing off squirrels, visiting dogs and especially Canada geese.

The first year one of the pair had three cygnets. Unfortunately they did not survive. No one was ever sure if it was the hawks, turtles or other critters but some thing was removing these big adorable babies.

Then one of the swans crossed the road and was hit by a car. The survivor was taken to our local zoo so it could find a new mate.

The pair that remained ruled the lake. They could prevent people from crossing the bridge, they guarded the shore, they were aquatic royalty!

The swans looked beautiful. They would float pass the buildings and statues making everything look just a little bit more special. Then two months ago one of the swans was again hit by a car. The remaining swan was scheduled to be removed and transported to a lake not near a road. However, the swan refused to be caught. Yesterday the swan was also hit by a car.

Swans are large, impressive. They mate for life, or at least a long time. Some have been known to live beyond thirty years. Sadly, not these swans.

So they tried. They provided good food and supplements. They provided housing and even a fenced in area in an attempt to protect cygnet. They made sure one section of the lake was ice free all winter long. However, the lake use to be in the country, the area is no longer rural and that made all the difference in the world.

So tonight the lake was still, quiet and lonely. There are still two white ducks who call the lake home. Flocks of Canada Geese camp out on the lake. However, the Second Era of the Swans is over. They were regal and they added a special elegance to the lake. When the Creator made swans, “it was good”.

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