Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks in an Imperfect World

Today is our national day of Thanksgiving. The world is boiling over in a big ole heap of trouble and yet if ya got eyes, ears, a nose or fingers finding reasons to give thanks is easier than getting water from a melon. So, my humble prayer of thanksgiving…

The city of Atlanta and much of the southeast are almost out of water
In a land and time of man made drought and potential human relocation
We thank You for giving us a southeast that was blessed with ocean, rivers, tributaries, with water

In a time of unanswered genocide in Sudan
Of chaos in Somalia
Of starvation in much of Africa
We thank You for gifting humans with the ability to survive in the desert
For gifting humans with a sense of right and wrong and the ability to do the right,
Of gifting humans with Africa, the home of origin for all of us

In a time of growing stress and danger for the remaining Christians of Northern Africa, especially the Copts of Egypt
In a time of persecution and exile for the ancient Christians of Iraq,
We thank You for the early churches of the Middle East and Africa that nurtured and formed us
And we thank You for the diversity of the early churches that are part of the Body of Christ

In a world that knows war in too many places,
In a world that knows war both modern and impersonal and traditional and face to face
We thank You for providing us with models of Peace-makers from so many traditions and faiths

In a world that faces mass extinctions, rising sea levels, and loss of resources
We thank You for giving us eyes and ears, hearts and minds
So perhaps we can react, in time, in love
To preserve what You so generously gave

For all of this and for children and laughter and sunsets
we say

Thank You

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