Friday, November 23, 2007

Native American: 23rd Psalm

A couple of years ago I was attending the Disaster Mental Health Institute conference in Rapid City South Dakota. I was a presenter and I was excited. I was excited to be presenting, I was excited to meet all of the other attendees and I was excited to be in South Dakota. We saw the Black Hills, Crazy Horse Memorial and of course Mount Rushmore.

I met disaster mental health responders from Bangladesh, Thailand, Mongolia and Turkey. Their stories and experiences were incredible.

During my free time I visited the The Journey or the Sioux Indian Museum. It was wonderful. While there I picked up some pictures of Native American interpretations of the Last Supper, the Trinity and of Jesus and Mary. They were great. I also bought a copy of a Native American interpretation of the 23rd Psalm. The video above is a version of that interpretation.

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