Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Jingle That Should Have Won!!!

Blue Number One

(sung to the tune of My Clementine or Found a Peanut)

Blue Number One
Is the best team in CAP
Y’all can find us
Just mosey past Flat Gap

Worked for Zeldie
In a holler
Putting up a deck
And with Jerry’s guidance
The poor thing was a wreck

Hammer hammered
Delray sawed
Tim was one with his crowbar
Mickey, Pam and Gina
Made the best poop deck by far

Jessica and Sheila
Dug some big ole holes
Kate was in charge of posts
Because she is a Pole

Carl and Francis
Shared a sweaty shirt
And the Blue Team was all covered
In red Kentucky dirt

Blue Number One
Is the best team in CAP
And if Dan the man will let us
We’ll all be coming back

On second thought, congratulations Blue Two!!!

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