Saturday, March 15, 2008

Workfest 2008: We Arrive

Getting to Eastern Kentucky was not easy. There was a major blizzard in southern Ohio, Indiana and northern Kentucky. Cincinnati had 12 inches of snow and white out conditions. Columbus Ohio had 18 inches. Eastern Kentucky had snow. You were not allowed on the roads. I spoke with CAP three times the day before we left. They actually gave us permission not to attend. I called television stations and the police in Ohio for travel conditions. Finally it looked safe to go.

We left at 6:00 AM. The roads were slow going once we got to Dayton. Cars and trucks were on the sides of the road buried under snow. However, once we got into the hills of KY it was beautiful.

Camp Caleb had a beautiful conference center and a fantastic lodge. First we registered and had our first group picture taken. We also received our cabin assignments, our t-shirts and most importantly, our hard hats. The cabins were fine, if you were a leader. However, the students were packed, their personal space consisted of the space their bunk took up. It was good to be a leader! Still, we made it and we were excited.

Supper consisted of lasagna, corn, salad and great brownies. We spent time getting to know folks from the other schools, to find out what team each of us would be on and then it was time for our first devotions. Devotions were moving, we came from different faith traditions and yet truly reflected One Body. We were all in this beautiful wooden lodge on the top of a hill. Our voices made a joyful noise and we started to become Workfest 2008.

Afterwards we walked around looking at a sky full of stars, sat by the fireplace, some played games, others read or journaled and then went to bed so we would be rested for our first day of work.

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