Thursday, March 6, 2008

Miami Fort Wayne

Well, there was still too much snow on the ground for Reese and me to park at Headwaters Park. So my dog and I had to park at Kids Crossing. As soon as we got out of the car my dog knew where to go!

Over the bridge she ran to the Civil War Memorial. This is a large statue dedicated to the men of Allen County who fought in the Civil War. On both sides of the statue were old cannons. A few blocks from the site was the grave of Chief Little Turtle. We had visited the site a couple of weeks ago.

Reese than ran back over the bridge, crossed the road and we were heading for the Old Fort. This is a reconstructed fort. Fort Wayne had five forts, French, English and American. Across the river was the site of Kekionga, the original Miami village. The area had been Miami, it had been part of French North America, British North America, the colony of Virginia, today, just home.

The park has a great statue of Little Turtle. Not far from there is a statue of Mad Anthony Wayne, the Revolutionary War hero who defeated Little Turtle. Fort Wayne is rich in Miami history. Not far from my home is the home of Chief Richardville. He negotiated peace with the Americans. He became the richest person in Indiana. His home has been restored.

So I write about exotic places in Africa, Asia and South America. However, Hoosier history quickly becomes Miami and woodland Indian history. It becomes more ancient than our brief 200 year old nation. I live in Indiana and I like it.

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