Sunday, March 23, 2008

Joyous Easter

Sing Alleluia

Jennifer Knapp & Mac Powell of Third Day sing “Sing Alleluia" the Easter Gospel Luke 24: 1-12. Happy Easter everybody. Let’s pray that this time next year we have a little more peace in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. However, in the meantime let us celebrate this day!

Peace and all good,


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Zoooma said...

The whole world over needs prayer, my friend. Everywhere people need Christ in their lives... and everywhere the notion of God is being attacked. Some places, they need prayer and helping hands 100 times over, 1,000 times over, and even a million times over ... but nowhere is immune to needing the Lord to work His magic to help others and to bring others to Him. Everywhere needs more peace... and more God!