Sunday, June 5, 2011

ICAP 2011: Welcome Africa

I know it sounds as if all we ever did was sing. Well, that was great fun and helped us keep our focus. It was a great way to get to know a little something about the ministries around the world. However, we really did attend workshops, we did listen to plenary speakers. We read and we connected to one another. I however did not video people giving their talks. Instead o took notes so that their experiences and wisdom can serve as a guide to me in the future. So after a day of learning, of meeting regional leaders and of building our libraries we met for evening worship.

The evening was full of energy. We as a group were singing louder and moving more. To add to that it was “Welcome Africa” night. We started by singing “How Great Thou Art.” Then three different members of the African regional team sang in their own languages. It was then that we first experienced the voice of Eunice from Kenya, what a voice!

ICAP 2011: Welcome Africa, "How Great Thou Art"

The singers were from Ethiopia, Kenya and Sierra Leone but the team represented more nations. The instruments, dress and the drumming by honorary African Sven made for an exciting evening. After the women sang we as a group joined in and we never sounded better.

ICAP 2011: "How Great Thou Art" in 3 African Languages

ICAP 2011: African Regional Team "There is No One Like Jesus"

We were then introduced to a popular African worship song, “There is No One Like Jesus”. Since that night I have heard that song sung in six different languages, it never sounds bad. Finally we ended with a rousing worship song that got everyone up on their feet. It was a night I will long remember.

ICAP 2011: African Worship Night

At the end of the evening I interviewed Eunice. She is part of a ministry in Kenya. Not only can she sing and dance, she is articulate and a woman of great strength.

ICAP 2011: Eunice from Kenya

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