Monday, June 6, 2011

ICAP 2011: Welcome Asia

The challenges of Central Asia and Asia are different. However, the challenges differ from one Asian country to another. This is a vast area and our introduction highlighted that. The gentleman who gave the introductory prayer in Tamil works with a unique population, the trans-gender folks of India. They are not like our trannies. The history and their place in society circumscribe much of their behavior. As soon as he gave his prayer I knew we were entering a different part of the world.

ICAP 2011: Welcome Asia: Tamil Prayer

I had attended Glen Miles talk on boys in prostitution. I was looking forward to hearing a different perspective, working with the men who pay for sex. This was hardly something I had thought about prior to the conference. I have worked with sexual offenders, I know if they are not worked with they will still re-enter society so it is better to try to help. I also knew that the label did not tell me much about the unique individuals.

So Chris from MST talked about his ministry in Thailand. I also heard his teams workshop. It was impressive, it is necessary. It is also challenging. If it is difficult to get people to support a ministry to women or men who participate in prostitution how in the world do they get funding for this ministry? What was clear was they were the right folks to be doing this ministry.

ICAP 2011: Chris Talking about MST

We had another prayer and we heard from a number of team members. The work in asia, from the Philippines to Cambodia, Thailand, India and Nepal is impressive.

ICAP 2011: Welcome Asia and Prayer

Not everything that happens during the evenings are serious. We have a lot of things to celebrate. So this evening we heard a joyful Chinese song. It is hard to be in a bad mood when listening to it.

ICAP 2011: Asia, "River of Life, River of Joy"

The worship was joyful. I however found myself awed by the magnitude of the work the members of the conference were doing around the world. They are a small part of the world population but their work sends out ripples of healing. That healing not only touches individuals, it touches families for generations. I was with a great group of brothers and sisters.

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