Sunday, June 5, 2011

ICAP 2011: A Tower of Leadership and Hope

OK, so the title is corny. The fact is the conference was a tower of leadership. Some of the most important people on the planet who work in the areas of human trafficking and prostitution attended the conference. People who developed programs that changed other peoples lives, who developed the programs from scratch were here. Still, today I am being concrete, Green Lake has a tower and Doug, Alicia and I climbed it!

I first hiked up to the tower by myself. Please note you have to walk up and up and up just to get to the tower so you can then walk up! It was during the first walk that I found out you have to stop at the administration desk and get a key to the tower. All that walking and I could not ascend the tower stairs.

ICAP 2011: Walking to the Tower

So, on a rare sunny day the three of us hiked up to the tower. This time I made sure I had the key to the tower gates. Walking up the stairs took a little perseverance. My chest was pounding and I had to stop to catch my breath, still, I could not help smiling. I was sure we would have to fight off trolls to protect the Middle Kingdom.

ICAP 2011: Reaching the Top of the Tower

The tower looks down on the entire bay area. All of the resort centers were visible. The harbor, trails, rose garden were all visible. I looked, there were no trolls or ogres to be found. There was no tower with a giant eye looking back at me, we were safe!

ICAP 2011: Green Lake Conference Center from the Tower

The vista helped put the center in context. However, what we could not see was the golf course or the trails. Green Lake Conference Center is a huge complex. Still, we loved the view. It was also just nice to spend time with two very special people away from the world and yet viewing the world. We kind of did a dance, we would focus on us and then we would focus on the grounds. It was a nice dance.

ICAP 2011: We are So High Up!

So, after spending time above the trees, time in the quiet, it was time to descend. It was time to rejoin the conference, the energy, the music and the sharing of knowledge. We were ready, it was a good respite.

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