Sunday, June 5, 2011

ICAP 2011: Welcome Central Asia and Latin America

I was not prepared for what a full and exciting event the ICAP global conference was. It was not just talks and workshops, though they were excellent. It was a setting that took your breath away, it was colleagues from around the word ministering to people involved in all aspects of the sex trade and human trafficking. It was meeting folks who testified to the State Department, folks who worked in multiple nations, people who spent the last 20 years in the ministry and folks just beginning. It was praise and worship, exciting music, great food and song and dress from around the world. Yep, I was not prepared!

The first evening introduced us to praise and worship with brothers and sisters from around the world. Music was a critical component of that praise.

ICAP 2011: First Night of Worship: "What a Mighty God We Serve"

We also were introduced to a format that would become familiar. Each worship was lead by members of a different region. The first region was Central Asia. It is the only region which I have almost no video. That is because the members prefer to keep a low profile as a way of being respectful of the larger communities they live and work among. Still, their work with women involved in prostitution is moving. It also helped us grasp the work and reach of ICAP. The team was introduced by a member originally from Scotland, three ladies spoke in their respective Central Asian languages. One woman spoke in Russian so it could then be translated into English. Now that is work and commitment!

ICAP 2011: Welcome Central Asia

Each regional team would give us an update on the work in their part of the world. A particular member would give testimony. Then they would lead us in song. In the beginning we, as a group, were conservative in our singing, as the conference progressed we loosened up. The first song that helped me grasp the international reach of the conference was “God is so God.” First we sang it in English and then we had our introduction to the singing of the nations!

ICAP 2011: "God is so Good"

ICAP 2011: "God is so Good" in Multiple Languages

Each afternoon we had a break after lunch and before the next set of workshops. I walked around the grounds. I walked past the rose garden to Spurgeon Chapel. It was a simple American Baptist chapel that was a place of prayer and contemplation. I loved its simplicity.

ICAP 2011: Outside Spurgeon Chapel

I found myself returning to this place of quiet whenever I had some free time.

ICAP 2011: Inside Spurgeon Chapel

I did not expect to meet so many interesting people whom I would want to keep in contact with. The conference was full of very special people, each one left you feeling you had been blessed for attending. My first new friend and sister was Bronwen Healy fro Australia. Her story was living testimony to the power of redemption. I am so happy to have met her.

ICAP 2011: Bronwen Healy

After dinner we headed over for our evening worship. We were lead by the Latin American Region. It was here that we began to find our voice and our enthusiasm. They were wonderful and we were beginning to learn a bout prophetic dance without even knowing it!

ICAP 2011: Welcome Latin America

Finally, to cap-off our eventful day Doug brought us down to “The Special Glowing Rock Room.” Five of us sat in a small room as the lights went off and we were told about Mr. Kraft’s rock collection. It was like stepping into the past. It was unique, unusual and fun. Yep, this is a very full conference!

ICAP 2011: The Secret Rock Garden "It Glows"

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