Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Five: Emmaus Ministries Mission Trip

Well, we had another full day. For the second day in a row the Ministry Center was full, the guys were everywhere. The guys were enthusiastic. It was a great day.

The students are proving to be good cooks. We made Korean beef, hot, hot rice, vegetables and brownies. They are proving to be creative and flexible. More importantly, they are walking beside the men, accepting the men and seeing the men as unique individuals and not as stereotypes.

After the shift was over we all walked over to the American Indian Center. This is the oldest and largest Indiana Center in an urban setting. While it clearly could use an infusion of money it also was a power house of pride and transformation to the community.

Classes are offered to First Nation peoples to introduce young ones to the various cultures and languages. There is an effort to connect elders with the you. There are community rooms for Powwows and other ceremonies. There is a healing/medicine garden and a small museum.

Afterward we all had our communal dinner and worship and reflection. Finally, many of the members went out into the community simply for some R&R. It was another good day.

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