Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Seven: Emmaus Ministries Mission Trip

Well, this was our last full day at Emmaus Ministries and in Chicago. Just for a change we had Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes’s Church instead of St. Mary of the Lake. Today’s church is where Jon Green, the fonder of Emmaus Ministries serves in his capacity as a Permanent Deacon.

The day was busy and full of distinct activities. We made a ginger pork tenderloin meal. We had great fellowship with the guys. After lunch our female members went back over to EZRA. They were invited to a Russian concert in honor of International Women’s Day. The entire concert was in Russian and most of our members loved it.

We had our last full day prayer with the guys. These guys really know how to pray and what to pray for. Afterward we all took the “L” downtown. First we went to the Chicago Cultural Center. This is a beautiful building with the world’s largest Tiffany class dome. Next we walked around Millennium Park, that was fun. Finally we spent the remainder of our free time downtown at the Art Institute of Chicago.

We could not go back to Emmaus right away because Al was doing Immersion Night training. So we had to eat out. We went to Exchequer, a famous Chicago pizza joint for some really good pizza. Then we stopped for coffee.

Finally we could go home! We then joined the interns of the Kaio Community. I loved that because Kaio was my home for three weeks last year and will be home for sabbatical next year. Al and Andi Tauber joined us and sang a few songs from Stories of the Streets. We prayed, processed and shared experiences the events of the week and then just socialized. It was a great way to begin to say our good byes.

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