Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faithing: St. Genevieve Parish

I had an opportunity to go to my old neighborhood. Next to it is Cathi’s neighborhood. This is the north side near Fullerton and Cicero. It is a blue collar area with strong work ethic and a drive to get ahead. I decided to visit Cathi’s childhood church, St. Genevieve.

St. Genevieve Parish Chicago

I had never been to Cathi’s church/. Her church and her childhood home were within walking distance of our old high school, Kelvin Park.

St. Genevieve Parish Chicago: II

Cathi had told me repeatedly how large and beautiful her church was. Well, it was definitely big. The church, rectory and school take up a large neighborhood footprint. The church like our school and neighbor had changed. Today the area is 99% Hispanic. That makes for a vibrant congregation.

St. Genevieve Parish Chicago: the altar

The church had an enormous crucifix. The statues and the windows help focus your thoughts and prayers on God. I enjoyed the service. The people were very friendly. After the service I bought home made tamales right in the church. I then called Cathi and told her she was right, her home church was breath-taking.

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Just a picky point: it's altar, not alter. Thanks for the photos and writing.