Thursday, October 14, 2010

Acting, Gardens, the Zoo and Work: Part II

After the Botanical conservatory I walked through Lincoln Park Zoo. As a child this was a horrible zoo. The animals were crowded, the cages were small. However, by the time I was in college the zoo had been transformed into something wonderful. There were less species but larger and more natural settings. I became a LPZ Docent, something I have always been proud of.

Many of the larger mammals were in shaded areas. My pictures were limited but my personal viewing was a joy. I loved the polar bears, elephants, hippos and wolves.

Curious Puffin: LPZ

I was excited when I saw the arctic bird house. That was completed when I was a docent. It is small and the species are limited. However, the animals are very happy and that makes for great viewing.

Puffin Swimming: LPZ

Friendly, happy, aquatic birds, LPZ

The treatment of primates and monkeys had greatly improved over the years. The monkey house had been an over-crowded, minimally stimulating building. Today it has natural habitats and it shows. The monkey communities are always active.

Monkeys Playing: LPZ

Zebra: LPZ

I had always enjoyed watching the larger herding mammals. The building was completed when I was a docent. I remember being behind the scene after it was built and also giving inaugural tours there.

Camels: LPZ

Finally I walked over to the Reptile House. The original was a large building with many tiny tanks. The building had to be hosed down on hot days. This building is beautiful and the animal environments look real.

Outside the Reptile House is the lagoon. I has flamingos, ducks and swans. The setting is breath-taking.

Swan on lagoon at LPZ

So, after the audition, the Botanical Conservatory and the zoo I had to rush back to Emmaus Ministries. I worked the Ministry Center that evening. I then worked outreach. Yep, it was a full day and I loved it!

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