Monday, October 18, 2010

Morning Walks in Uptown: Part II

As I left the lake and continued down Wilson Avenue I was thinking about work. However, my time of discovery was not over just yet. I walked past the high school that we can see from our Kaio Community window. The school has a large and colorful mural on the side of it. It was time to see the mural up close. I was not disappointed!

Wilson Ave. High School Mural

The mural covered two walls. It addressed social issues, it was inspirational and it of course spoke of the importance of education. Man I like public murals.
The school is next to Jesus People USA (JPUSA). So I took the opportunity to go inside JPUSA and with their permission film the inside of the chapel. The windows are beautiful. However it is not unusual for Christian houses of worship to have great stain glass windows. And that is the trick. These are not stained glass. Rather, these windows are decorated using colored tape on the window. I had all I could do to not touch the tape.

Jesus People USA Chapel

And that was my morning: Mass, the lakefront, a mural, a chapel and then on to work. It really is a very special way to begin the day.

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