Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of America in Chicago

Next I took the Division Street bus into Ukrainian Village. My first stop was not at one of the many large Ukrainian churches. Rather I stopped at one of my favorite churches in the city. This was the small Russian Orthodox Church

Holy Trinity is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Orthodox Church in America.It was founded by Fr. John Kochurov of St. Petersurg Czar Nicholas actually made a $4,000 donation for the building of the church.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral

Chicago architect Louis Sullivan (the most famous American architect of the day) designed the church. It is modeled after the smaller rural Siberian churches. The church was officially opened in 1903. In the 1970s it was designated a national landmark.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral Part II

The church is filled with beautiful icons. My favorite is the one of the founder and Sullivan. I had never noticed an icon that represented people in modern clothing. The chandelier is stunning. The ceiling demands that you look up toward God.

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral Part III

The rectory is next door and together there is a feel of being in Siberia. The church is across the street from an Hispanic church. Together they are a good representation of the neighborhood.

Outside of Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral
The church may be smaller than many of the Ukrainian Churches. Hoever, it is just as impressive. Now it was time to move on to Ukrainian Village proper.

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