Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faithing: St. Gregory the Great Parish

My roommate, Joshua Kent is a man of many talents. He is a performance artist. I pretend I know how that is different from acting. I know it is different because he tells me, but how it is different, got me. Joshua also is a visual artist. He makes things out of fabrics, remnants of other people lives, of insects, flowers and dreams. I find him fascinating. He sees the world as a giant canvas or as an endless source of supplies and inspiration.

St. Gregory the Great Church

So everything is a form of art for Joshua. He doesn’t cook, he creates wonderful meals served on an elegant table. He doesn’t bake he fuses pears and carmal together into something that makes your taste buds dance.

St. Gregory the Great: the altar

Joshua just completed performing in an Israeli poem that was transformed into a play. We saw him at the Viaduct Theater. He also had one of his art pieces accepted for an installation. This is a creative and versatile guy.

St. Gregory the Great church: shrines

He also sings. He is in his church choir at St. Gregory the Great parish. I decided to go hear Josh. I have no idea why I was surprised at just how beautiful St. Gregory the Great was. Josh cares about ascetics, why would his home church be an exception?

More of St. Gregory the Great Parish

The parish was originally a German congregation. The church is in the Lakeview/Andersonville area. The congregation is diverse. It is also a church dedicated to the arts. The church is decorated in Norman Gothic style. In reality it is part of the Gothic Revival era that was a revolt against the impersonal Industrial Age. The statuary and shrines are beautiful.

St. Gregory the Great: pieta

So my rommie has great taste. I hope to visit St. Gregory the Great again before I leave Chicago. I love my local church which is modeled after St. Paul Outside the Walls. It is a beautiful church. However Joshua’s church is stunning.

St. Gregory the Great: back (narthex) shrines

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