Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some More Murals

OK, this is just an entry about some random, unconnected murals. The murals are all over the city. They represent many different styles of art. They represent different activities, values and/or groups.

The first mural is on a building facing a parking lot across the street from The Institute of Cultural Affairs.It is an example of how major institutions in Chicago try to mark their territory and highlight their influence.

Institute of Cultural Affairs Mural

The second is simply a building that by itself would be nondescript. However, a three dimensional mural is painted on it. There are a number of buildings in the city utilizing this technique. They all demand your attention.

Muraled Outside of Building on Division Street

The next one is a more traditional mural. It is found near Ukrainian Village on Division Street. It is a large mural celebrating the Birds of Latin America. At the same time it is really celebrating the peoples of Latin America. It was painted by a Latin artist and a team of youth. The colors are sticking

The Birds of Latin America

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Scott said...

I used to live in that Division Street building; it's actually LaSalle Towers (even though it's only one tower) at 1211 North LaSalle, and the mural is called Homage to the Chicago School. I remember seeing a pre-mural photo of the building somewhere; it looked like a Cabrini Green building without the mural; very dreary. Richard Haas did the trompe de l'oye (not sure of the spelling; means trick of the eye) mural, and it was repainted after the place went condo and a bunch of tuckpointing and other work messed up the mural. He's got another mural on a building along the Eisenhower not far from downtown. My dad was in a fraternity with him in Milwaukee in the 50's.