Sunday, October 4, 2009

Goshen and the Quilt Farden Tour

Goshen is one of our all time favorite towns to visit. We go there even more than Elkhart. We enjoy going to the "Old Bag Factory.” It is a renovated factory that houses shops, restaurants and is just a wonderful setting. Across the trolley trail is the Mennonite Service Committee. They have a resale shop there and all the money goes to good works. I usually stoop by the Service Committee and we talk about world issues. I just love being around folks dedicated to peace-making.

Goshen: The Old Bag Factory and Quilt Garden

Across the road is an old converted shop that is the studio for a sculpture. Then there is the old shop and log cabin that also houses antiques. It is next to this the the Quilt Garden was located. The garden had a scope for looking at it from above. It was supposed to be a “Bird’s Eye View” garden. The colors were great but the garden was also showing some weathering. .

Goshen: The Depot

Finally we went to the downtown area to look at a few murals. The downtown is home to restaurants, more antiques shops, the American Red Cross and the courthouse. Beyond the immediate area are churches, lots and lots of churches. Yep, Norman Rockwell would have loved Goshen.

Goshen Wall Quilt

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