Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Fort Wayne: Viva Fort Wayne Fiesta

Viva Fort Wayne Fiesta: A Little Music and Dance

After a day of fife and drums, bag pipes and African and Caribbean rhythms there was only one more thing to experience, Mexican music! Downtown at Headwaters Park the local Mexican-American community, along with communities in Michigan, Ohio and Chicago were celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This was the Viva Fort Wayne Fiesta. The food was great. Dancing was everywhere and not all ametures. Dance troups included: The Andino dancers from Ecuador, Ballet Amaneceres de México, and the Indianapolis Ballet Folklorico. The music got people up off there feet. I had never head Mexican hip-hop before.

Probably the most unusual part of the day was the Chihuahua races. They were not taken seriously. The races were an excuse, along with the Jalapeño Eating Contests, to make money. And that money, well 100% of it, went to Jorge Gonzales, a 16 year old in need of a kidney transplant. 16 different agencies, communities around the Midwest, all united to help this young man. It is clear, I have every reason to love my city!

So that was my Saturday. Three different festivals, different music, different food, and all were welcoming. Tomorrow…the Matt Maher concert at USF. THIS is a great weekend.

Viva Fort Wayne Fiesta: And Some More Dance

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