Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Fort Wayne: So Many Things To Do At The Appleseed Festival

What I like about the Johnny Appleseed Festival is that there are so many things to do and see there. You can shop, eat, watch, listen or ride. You can walk by a river or dam. You can be in a huge crowd or find a space by yourself. The sounds and aromas are powerful and I love it.

As we first entered the festival we came in contact with lots of music. We also came in contact with a group of folks making caramel corn. Not with a microwave or jiffy pop./ These were big fires, huge pots and the corn was stirred with both hands. It looked great and smelled better.

Johnny Appleseed Festival, Making Caramel Corn

Soldeirs were everywhere. That is not unusal. We have a fort so we are use to enactments. Ther were fife and drum corps folks marching thoughout thefestival. There were soldiers doing rifle demonstrations. However, my favorite was the cannon shot by the shores of the St. Joseph River. This is the river that comes down from Elkhart. A few feet away is a dam. So much to do and two more festivals to get to. Yep, I love the Fort.

Johnny Appleseed Festival: A Big Shot

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