Sunday, October 4, 2009

My Fort Wayne: Old Fashion Rides at the Appleseed Festival

Cathi and I took our great, great nephew Andre to the festival. He had a great time. However, his favorite activity by far was the old fashion amusement park. It consisted of games, obstacle courses and rides, all hand-made using ropes and lumber. One of the rides was a little too scary for him, or so I thought. Cathi knew he wasn’t really scared. I was surprised when he complained that the other rides weren’t scary.

Johnny Appleseed Festival: Old Fashion Rides I

I loved walking thought the mazes with Andre to get to each ride. I could look behind me and see and hear marching bands. I could also look in front of me and see people playing on the shores of the St. Joseph River or watch birds gliding across its surface. What a beautiful setting for a festival.

Johnny Appleseed Festival: Old Fashion Rides II

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