Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lutherans Praying and Working for Peace

Well, my Scandinavian heritage has caught up with me. It is now time to talk about Lutheran Prayers for Peace. Our Lutheran brothers and sisters have a rich heritage of working for peace and social justice.

Lutheran Peace Fellowship is a great source for peace-making. If you want to know about Lutheran Peace workshops and forum, peace worship materials, peace educational materials, Christian peacemaking, Hunger and Peace, Just War doctrine or Peace Making and Youth Services than this is the site for you.

Perhaps the most interesting portal on the site is to the Wall of Hope. Enter this and you are transported to an exhibit about 100 of the must successful peace projects in history, talk about inspirational!

So let’s join with our Lutheran brothers and sisters and pray for peace…

In Time of War
O Lord God of infinite mercy, we humbly implore You to look down on the nations now engaged in war. Do not count Your people's sins against them, but grant them true repentance, that the lusts of the human heart may be conquered by Your Spirit of gentleness and righteousness. Look in mercy on those immediately exposed to peril. Comfort the prisoners, relieve the sufferings of the wounded, and show mercy to the dying. According to Your good and gracious will, remove the causes and occasions of this war, and restore peace among the nations; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
Almighty God, You alone are our strong Defender, and ever-present help in time of trouble. Watch over and defend our military personnel, and all others who defend our life and liberty, that they may serve justly and honorably in the pursuit of peace. Grant them courage and strength in their time of service, and bring them safely home to their families and communities; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

The above prayer is a Missouri Synod Lutheran prayer for peace.

Peace-making is sometimes not ending a conflict but building relationships before it is necessary. This Evangelical Lutheran video is an example of being part of a worldwide family.
Weaving a Global Neighborhood

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