Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Traveling to La Verna

So today the pilgrims travel to La Verna. This is the only land that Francis owned outright, a gift. He visited this mountain sanctuary at least six times. It is here that he received the stigmata. It is here that St. Bonaventure wrote the Soul’s Journey into God. It is here that Pope John Paul II spoke from the precept. This is where St. Anthony of Padua went for sanctuary.

We walked the mountain side, visited the caves where Francis and the other brothers stayed. We visited the site of the stigmata and participated in a procession from the church to the Stigmata Chapel.

This is a very holy site. It is clear why Francis needed to have time away from the world so he could then move and work in the world.

I cannot wait to talk to this years batch of pilgrims when they return. I know La Verna is different for each person and I want to hear their experiences.

Sketches from La Verna Sanctuary

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